Single Boiler VS Double Boilers Espresso Machine

Espresso machines with a single boiler are good enough to make espresso, but if you want to make espresso-based drinks that involve milk such as cappuccino, latte, and so on, the process must take turns. It is better to do the extraction process first, then steaming it later. It’s because if it’s steaming first, the temperature will already drop and generally tends to be unstable for the next espresso extraction process. For your information, after doing one process, commercial espresso machine boilers generally have to neutralize the temperature first to zero before starting a new heating process.

Pros: The price of single boiler machines generally does not drain too much money. It’s suitable for those who want to open a cafe with a tight budget. This type of boiler is also mostly portable, so the engine is easy to carry anywhere.

Cons: A single boiler requires a gap of several minutes between the extraction and steaming processes. In other words, this machine will take a little time if we want to make cappuccinos and other espresso-based drinks. Therefore, this type of boiler-type espresso machine is not suitable for use in busy shops, or for those who have quite a lot of customers every day. Forcing a machine with one boiler on a busy coffee shop will usually end in fast-paced engine performance, which makes the machine reaches its limit faster.

+ Ideal for making coffee specialty drinks at home
+ Sturdy all-steel construction under heavy chrome plating
+ Comes with tamper, screen, screen holder, measuring ladle, and cappuccino attachment
+ Also includes instructional video for getting started
+ Measures 11 by 7 by 12 inches; 1-year warranty

+ Groups made with press-forged brass and chrome plated
+ Seperate Solenoids allowing multiple Users to operate the Unit simultaneously
+ Dispositif anti-appel
+ One hot water tap with flexible jet
+ Water Softener included

+ Dual Boilers - Brew and Steam Simultaneously
+ Commercial Vibratory Pump
+ Digital Temperature Control
+ Programmable Dosing Volume
+ 4 Hole Steam Tip Wand

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  • It can deliver the best quality of coffee.
  • It can respond to high-volume demands for coffee – up to 4 group of heads.
  • Ideal for coffee shops and restaurants.



  • Needs an expert to use the machine, so this could be an issue for an office with many employees – however it is a standard process that if you learn it once it is not difficult to repeat.
  • More expensive than other models.

As for the one with double boilers, it’s an espresso machine with a double boiler option, and it’s sometimes called a dual boiler. Of course, it has two separate boilers. One special boiler serves to maintain the extraction temperature (brewing), and another specifically for the steaming process. Therefore, espresso machines with this type also generally have a stable temperature. Both boilers can also be used at the same time, so the machine can work better and faster. Breville dual boilers up to all La Marzocco series are examples of coffee machines that have this feature.

Pros: Almost all espresso machines with double boilers have separate control buttons and digital timers that are easily accessed, making it easier to regulate the temperature for each brewing and steaming process. It’s because it has two boilers, the temperature becomes more stable, the machine can work more optimally and efficiently. That’s why machines with double boiler features like this are very suitable to be used in busy coffee shops with many customers every day.

Cons: The price is quite expensive. It often turns buyers away but, as most small coffee shops know, quality is usually comparable to the price.

That’s it for the info regarding single and double boilers espresso machines that we may share with you, and we hope this info helps you to know more about espresso machines.

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